Friday, March 4, 2011

UFO Bust Report and Leprechauns

Finally this week I have UFO progress to report. I worked on two of my projects and finished one. On Monday I basted the House Charity quilt and the Clifford Charity quilt. On Tuesday I quilted both of them. I just used what I call "git 'er done" quilting on both of these. I think most folks would call it meandering.

The house quilt is finished!

The Clifford quilt still needs to have the binding sewn to the back and I'll finish that this soon.

I used my new Supreme Slider to quilt these. I love it! It is more flexible and less flimsy than the Original Slider. It also stays in place with no tape! I'm not sure exactly how it stays put so well, but it just clings to the machine and table, kind of  like one of those vinyl window clings. I also used the Bobbin Genies for the first time. They must do something because I had to adjust the machine tension from my usual free-motion quilting settings. And I quilted both of these with one of the spools of Signature variegated thread I bought recently. I had no problems at all with this thread but it is very linty. I'll spare you the sight of my filthy bobbin housing after quilting two baby size quilts with this thread, but I had no problems with breakage or skipped stitches. So thumbs up for all of these products.

With St. Patrick's Day coming up, my son is trying to catch a leprechaun. Here is the outside of his trap.

There is a gold rope that leads to a hole on the left of the box. You will probably need to click on the photo to enlarge it be able to see the rope. The bricks are suppose to help the leprechauns get in, but prevent them from escaping once inside. Here is what the inside of the trap looks like.

Inside there is plate of food for the trapped leprechauns. Apparently leprechauns like candy cane. There is a small bottle of water for them to drink (above left of the plate). The scrap of fabric is a towel/blanket. Below the towel/blanket is a cup of water with a K-nex ladder and a bar of soap - so the leprechauns can take a bath.

He leaves some fake gold coins in the trap as bait. So far he hasn't caught one, but last night one of them lost his hat.

The leprechauns usually leave a small amount of candy in exchange for the "gold" coins.


Barbara Anne said...

Congrats on your meandering success! Love the house quilt and I look forward to seeing more of Clifford!

Do you have a long arm machine? I wondered because the various products you mentioned are not any that I'm familiar with.

Last year I made a wee St. Patrick's Day wall hanging with a large shamrock on a field of mostly white, scrappy green squares for the inner border, and a green clover fabric for the outer border. I hung it today. The luck 'o the Irish to your leprechaun hunter!

I'm a fellow UFO Buster and popped in from Susan's blog.


Linda said...

Quilts turned out great!! I really like the whimsy look of the house quilt! AND your quilting looked like perfect meandering to me! Looks like a good leprechaun trap to me! I'm surprised he hasn't caught one yet?? Slippery little guys, aren't they!

Lynn said...

@ Barbara Ann, You are a "no reply" blogger account so I can't email you directly. In answer to your question, I do not have a long arm. I just have a standard domestic machine, a Husqvarna Lily 550. The products I mentioned are for doing free-motion quilting on a domestic machine and I purchase them from Day Style Designs online.

Deb said...

Hi Lynn, congratulations on your finish!! The house quilt is great! I've never tried meandering; glad you could get it done!

Jackie said...

love the trap... we have one going too! i have a giveaway, so pls enter, would love it if one of the quilters i follow won=)

Em said...

I love your brights in your house quilt and the circles appear to be planets. And how fun to try and cath a wee little green person! Love my first visit w u!!!

Barb said...

Love the quilts....and too funny about the Leprechauns...

Susan @ Blackberry Creek said...

Congrats on so much accomplished this week. I'm crazy 'bout the house quilt. Good luck to son on catching the leprechaun. Hope he doesn't get a wild critter instead.

Mama Pea said...

Great finish, Lynn! I love how that house quilt turned out. That border fabric is just the ticket. Can't wait to see the Clifford one. Thanks for letting us know about the bobbin washer. I haven't tried one of those yet. I love my supreme slider, too. I wonder if you'll notice a difference in lint with the Aurifil thread. :-)

Your little guy is so cute! I love him. That leprechaun trap is just awesome. It looks like he's getting close to catching one. How fun! He is soo creative. Wonder where he gets it!

Melissa ;-) said...

I happen to love meandering both as a quilter and as a quilt user. I just think it feels great.

I am debating a house quilt (or maybe only a wall hanging) for my realtor. She is very patient and does a lot of running around for us.

Good luck to your son. Hope he catches lots of Leprechauns!