Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sewing Room Makeover Day 1

Before photos

It's a mess! I warned you. Notice the brown paneling in the first two photos surrounding the window. All of the exterior walls in this house had paneling on them when we bought it. This is the last of it to go.

The paneling comes down.

There is mold behind the paneling, as I expected. Every wall had mold on it behind the paneling. Yuck! Fortunately, this isn't too bad. Some walls were much worse!

A bleach and water mix and some elbow grease takes care of the mold.

It's not a fun job but it only took about an hour.

The mold is gone and hubby is filling in holes with joint compound.

That's as far as we got today. We need to let the wall dry over night. Tomorrow I will prime it with a stain blocker primer and hopefully get at least one coat of paint on the walls and ceiling. The ceiling needs painting as well and I'm going to be lazy and paint it the same color as the walls.


Victoria said...

Wow! I admire all your hard work. How wonderful this will be when it's all done!

Mama Pea said...

Me, too. It IS a lot of work. I've done enough of it to know! I was laughing for two reasons...(1) I felt so much better seeing your room. It always looks so neat in your photos, I felt dismayed at the state of mine. Now I know you're human, too. :-) (2) When you took the paneling down, it looked like my room! I have two walls with okay looking white paneling and two walls that are unfinished. When we moved in, all were unfinished and my hubby put up the paneling to at least finish the two most visible and easiest to cover walls. Someday, we might actually get that room finished for real, but it's a LONG way down the road. Can't wait to see yours. What color are you going to paint the walls?

quilthexle said...

Oh, this looks like a lot of work !! Good luck with it. Will you paint all white, or will you use some colour?