Tuesday, June 7, 2011


This post is mainly for local folks.

The son and I went to Splashland this afternoon.

The pool and decking have definitely been upgraded.

There is no shade and not many chairs. There are two nice grassy areas though and then fence around the pool is very nice. There is a warming house located down by the deep end. It is just a green house with chairs inside.

The water was not as warm as most local folks are used to, only 84 degrees today. It was a bit cold with the strong winds but it didn't seem to bother most of the kids. Personally, I find Hooper pool too hot in the summer so I think Splashland will be a nice change. The water is still fed by a hot spring but it cools down during the filtering process. They hope to be able to speed up the process so that the pool water will be warmer. I think they are still figuring things out.

There are life guards on duty just like before and they are offering swimming lessons. I didn't get that information today because it took us "forever" to pay. The son didn't have enough patience left for me to get the swimming lessons information. Next time.

The main building is exactly the same. I couldn't see that they had done anything at all to it. I seem to remember an article in the Valley Courier saying that they didn't have enough money to renovate the building this year.

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gnittinknam said...

Just discovered your blog....I grew up in La Jara, and remember Splashland with quite fond memories....that was over 35 years ago...and was wondering if it even existed still. I am sure it is a different place....