Monday, January 23, 2012

Modern Monday Quilt Along

Week 17 block.

Someone commented to me that this block doesn't look very "modern." I guess it depends on your definition of "modern." For me, "modern" means using contemporary fabric prints and solids. It can be wonky but doesn't have to be. This one obviously isn't wonky. I do think it is "modern" though because of the fabrics used.

This one did come out about 3/4" smaller than it was suppose to be. I'm not sure how that happened. Obviously I cut something wrong. Oh well! I'm not planning to set these blocks in a grid. I plan to just make some filler pieces and arrange the blocks in some way that is interesting to me.

Be sure to go check out Caroll's block for last week. She is using white, gray and orange - yum!


West Michigan Quilter said...

Love those fabrics! Glad to hear you had the same problem I did with size. I thought it was due to my usual inaccurate piecing! Anyway, I did like this block. The one for this week looks a little more involved!

Denise in PA said...

I love it no matter what you call it! Bummer about being too small though!

Mama Pea said...

Awesome job. "Modern" for me also means a "clean" and "simple" design, which this block sure has. It's very good looking! Well done!

Deborah said...

I love this block! It will look great with others.