Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I made my first Swoon block yesterday afternoon/evening using some of the Primitiva I purchased recently.

These blocks are big, finished size is 24" square! That is why it only takes 9 of these blocks to make an 80" by 80" quilt. I'm not sure exactly how many of these I will make but at least four. Then I will decide how I want to put them together. I'm planning a large wall hanging for my blocks. I have a 60" by 60" space in my dining room where I like to display a quilt. I'm hoping that these blocks will turn into something I can display there.

My quality control department watched over the construction of my block.

Actually I think this is cat language for "I will not be ignored." Notice that she is partly laying on the Primitiva fabrics. 


Mama Pea said...

It's killing me not to be working on this block with you and everyone else. It's so gorgeous! I love it in every fabric I see it in. Good job! How long did it take you to make one block? At least they are big!

Deanna said...

Ah, so you have given in and swooned. The block is really nice!

Barb said...

Your swoon looks fabuous!

Denise in PA said...

Looks great - I knew it would! I'd like to know how long it too you also. I only had to rip out one time on my second block!