Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Yellow Brick Road, revisited

I finished my second Yellow Brick Road quilt over the weekend. My second attempt at the pattern and this time I followed it correctly.

Finished size is 48" by 57" (just like the pattern says it should be). I quilted it with orange thread and did an all over swirl.

I did an all over swirl on the last one too, but I only did swirls on it. This time instead of trying to fill every space with a swirl, I filled odd areas with random shapes. I like both designs but this one is a bit easier for me to do.

For the back I dug out two old fabrics.

These were purchased pre-boy so at least 10 years old. One of them was used on the back of a baby quilt I made for him. I used all of the darker orange for the back but had about 2/3 of a yard of the lighter orange left. Rather than put it back in my stash I cut it up to add to my charity/kid quilt stash of pre-cut pieces.


West Michigan Quilter said...

Love your quilt and how you have quilted it. I have a scrap quilt (used Freida's Hive pattern) on the frame and am trying to decide how to quilt it. This pattern is much like your Yellow Brick Road. But I'm not sure I'm brave enough to try what you did.

Mama Pea said...

It's really great, Lynn! I love the swirl quilting and the orange thread. It's perfect. And using up some 10-year-old fabric is fantastic! Woo hoo!