Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Silver Threads Quilt Show

On Saturday I went to Creede, CO to the Silver Threads Quilt Show. Unfortunately I do not have permission to show you any of the quilts in the show. However, I can show you a few photos of the vendors area.

Notice the sign on the far right that says "Creede Fire Dept." Yep! The vendors were located in the fire house which is underground. There are six bays where the trucks are parked. The trucks were pulled out for the weekend and each vendor got a truck bay as booth space. Here is the Heartstrings and Heirlooms booth.

The lighting is terrible, as you can imagine. And it is chilly. The demos occurred at the far end of the station and I didn't get a good picture of that area. Darn! I did our demo on Saturday, demonstrating a crayon technique from the book titled "Creative Quilts using Crayons" by Terrie Linn Kygar. The link will take you to the Amazon listing for the book. I'd send you to the Heartstrings and Heirlooms online store, but we sold out of the books after my demo on Saturday.

The leaves were close to their peak last weekend and it was a beautiful drive.

Both of the above photos were taken from the parking lot at the show. If you are ever in the San Luis Valley of Colorado on the third weekend in September of an even year, don't miss the Silver Threads Quilt Show in Creede. The ladies of this guild are very talented and the venue is very unique! But bring a sweater since both the show and the vendors mall are underground and it can be chilly.

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Mama Pea said...

Oh, Colorado is so beautiful in the fall! Just lovely.

It's kind of unique to have the vendors in those "caves," but I can see how it's also less than idea. Hope you had a great time! It sounds like you did!