Monday, February 11, 2013

Embroidery Hoop Tool Holder

Last week I saw the photo below

Photo from Marika at Live, Laugh, Love ... Sew
used with permission

on one of the blogs I follow, Live, Laugh, Love ... Sew written by the talented Marika. I looked around online for directions and found some on the Sew Daily website. Click here to get them. You may need to register first.

This is how I made mine. It isn't as fancy as Marika's. She obviously pieced hers, which is super cute! This is just my first one so I opted for a bit simpler.

What you need:
  • an embroidery hoop
  • a square of fusible fleece 2" or 3" larger than your hoop
  • two squares of fabric 2" or 3" larger than your hoop 
  • thread
I used a 12" hoop so my fabric and fleece squares were 14". Fuse your background fabric to the fleece. Fold your pocket fabric in half and press. Place your pocket fabric on the bottom half of the background. Lay your hoop and tools on top to figure out your pocket sewing lines and mark them.

Stitch the pockets. I started at the fold and backstitched to reinforce this stress point.

Put this in the hoop.

Put the tools in to make sure everything fits.

There are several ways to finish these. This time, I simply cut everything off even with the back of the hoop. I'm going to use it this way for a while to see if this is sufficient or if I need to do something more permanent. The instructions I linked to above suggested glue between the fabric and the hoop. If anyone has a good suggestion for how to finish this more permanently, I'd love to hear it. Please leave a comment so everyone can benefit from your expertise.

Hang on the wall and enjoy!

Currently this is hanging on one nail. For this to be a good option I should have distributed the weight of my tools better. The rotary cutters are the heaviest and both on the same side which means the nail can't be at the top or the hoop hangs slanted. Another option is two nails spaced a couple of inches apart. Notice that Marika put a ribbon at the top of her hoop to hang it.

I just thought this was so cute! And it was easy too. The one above took me about 30 minutes to make which included picking out the fabric and finding my embroidery hoops.


West Michigan Quilter said...

Your hoop tool holder you made is so so cute. Looks easier to. Thanks for the instructions and thanks for the link. I didn't know about that blog.

Denise in PA said...

What a terrific idea! Thanks so much for sharing it. Simple and very useful!

Susan @ Blackberry Creek said...

I love this. Oh, and I forgot to say in my last comment to look on my blog post today. You might see someone you know.

Mama Pea said...

Sorry I haven't been by all week. It's been CRAZY! I love this project! It's so stinking cute! I'm trying to think of a more permanent way to do this. One way would be the glue, as you described. Another would be to put glue all over the back edges and cover with felt or something. I wonder if you could put really tiny screws through the side of the hoops to hold everything together....Just brainstorming!