Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Swimsuit Bag

I saw this bag on my friend Stephanie's blog recently and decided I needed one too.

It's a bag for your wet swim suit.

It is made from laminate and lined with the same. I doubt that it is completely water tight, but if you wring out your suit before putting it in the bag you should be able to get it home without soaking the rest of your stuff. I know you can just wrap a wet suit in a towel, but this is much more stylish. It will probably also keep your clothes dry while you swim.

I wrote up some basic instructions for how I made the bag. We (by "we" I mean my LQS, Heartstrings & Heirlooms) will be giving away the instructions with every purchase of one yard of laminate fabric. One yard is enough to make one of these bags and maybe two depending on how wide the laminate is you choose. Just in time for summer.


Mama Pea said...

It turned out awesome! You are amazing that you could write the pattern just from looking at mine! Well done. I hope it sells a ton of laminate for you!

Unknown said...

I love this bag! I think (hope?) I could make it.

The only thing is I have never sewn on laminate fabric. Do I need a special needle? Any tips appreciated.

Lynn said...

No special needle is required. I usually use a Universal size 80/12 for most everything and used one for this. Using a walking foot is very helpful. A Teflon foot can also be helpful when sewing with laminate, but I don't have one and used my walking foot for this bag. I had trouble with the laminate sticking to the acrylic insert around my machine. I put my Super Slider down in front of the needle and it really helped. Taping a Teflon pressing sheet down would probably also work. Some folks put tissue paper over the laminate and sew right through the paper then tear it off afterwards. I've never tried this and didn't have any tissue paper when I made this bag.