Friday, April 26, 2013

Progress Report

My goal for today is to finish quilting my Bohemian Stripe.

Looks pretty good from the back
I have all of the straight lines quilted. Now I am just filling in between some of them.

My door is completely beaded.

Click here and here for previous posts about my "Love Shack" beaded door project. I am still thinking about how I can have the door open when I want. My best idea so far is buttons and black pony tail holders. I just need to find the "safe place" I put the pony tail holders I purchased for my stash!


West Michigan Quilter said...

Your Bohemian Stripe quilt is fantastic. I love the way you have quilted it.You are amazing! Do you know how much time this took?

Yvonne said...

Love your blog:) Am thinking about getting a HQ Sweet Sixteen. Do you love yours? Yvonne in Colorado Springs

Denise in PA said...

Lynn, the quilting looks great! And, you know I love the Love Shack! So good to know you also put things away in safe places (so safe you can't find them - LOL)

Mama Pea said...

Haha. I have lots of safe places that I store things in, too. Wait until I show you my quilt for Amanda for Market. I had the inspiration before you started working on this, but we must be thinking really parallel! ;-)