Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Spring 12" by 12"

My current art group 12" by 12" project has a theme of "Spring" and requires using the technique "stamping." This is the second project for which we added a technique requirement as well as a theme. After doing a few of these we realized that most of us were just doing the same thing each time while interpreting the theme. We wanted to force ourselves to branch out and try new things so we added the technique requirement.

I'm not quite finished but can show you two in-progress photos.

For the stem I used half of a zipper. I'm not wild about the lump it caused underneath the flower part where the stem meets the flower. I should have probably cut the zipper teeth off of that before sewing the flower edges down by machine. I may go back and fix that or I may just cover it up some how.

The center portion of each flower petal is stamped and then I hand embroidered along the stamped line with variegated floss. I plan to add some more hand stitching to the leaf centers and the flower petal centers.

Below you can see the stamped fabric before cutting. The fabric is folded in half in the photograph.

I tried a new fusible product, Heat 'n Bond Feather Lite. I really like it! I had no trouble hand sewing through it or machine sewing through it. It fused well and is not as stiff feeling as Heat 'n Bond Lite. I would compare it Misty Fuse in weight but it is a bit easier to use because it is paper backed. I also had no trouble peeling the paper off of my shapes after cutting them out. It will probably become my go-to fusible product!


West Michigan Quilter said...

What an interesting project. I like it when they give you a challenge. I love what you have done. Like the quilting too.

Gene Black said...

I am thinking maybe a button or a yo-yo over that "lump"

Denise in PA said...

This is lovely, Lynn! I've never heard of the Heat 'n Bond Feather Lite - I'll keep an eye out for it. I have some Misty Fuse but haven't used it yet. I like the idea of the paper backing.

merinz said...

I love the effect that the stamping gives.

Also interested to read about the new Heat 'n Bond product. We can only buy two fusable products here, both of which have their downsides. Steam a seam, and Vlisofix.

With Steam a seam the top paper layer comes off too easily, and with vlisofix the 'sticky' part comes off if you dont use if within a month or two.

Jackie said...


Mama Pea said...

Thanks for the tip on the new product. I will have to look for it. I love what you're doing. It's beautiful! Most flowers kind of bulge at that point, anyway, so I don't mind that bump!