Monday, July 8, 2013

I Did A Lot, But Got Nothing to Show For It

I did a lot of cutting this weekend. I cut up the scraps and unused fat quarters of my A Stitch In Color collection. I plan to use them for my new Scrap Group project. I really should start on that this week since the next meeting is fast approaching. I need to write some directions for it as well as have a sample ready!

I also cut out pieces for another quilt. I'm making another one of these quilts. Photo below is of the first one.

I have to make another one because the first one is on display at the store attempting to sell kits. I planned to give it to someone but am now making another one to giveaway instead of waiting for the first one to become available.

I have everything cut out except the black strips and the outer border. Yes, I purchased another kit. I cut up all the fabric from the first kit first, but I needed the kit for the outer border and the large flowers print for the center. When this second one is done I will use up as much of the leftover fabric as I can for the back and the cut up the rest into usable scrap sizes.

I also did a lot of chores such as laundry, grocery shopping, gardening, and fixing dinners. All the really glamorous stuff.

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Mama Pea said...

Just think how fast everything will go now that it's all cut up. Glad you got the glamorous stuff done. That's important. :-)