Friday, June 19, 2015

A Class and a Gift

I took a class yesterday on the back basting method of hand applique. It was so much fun to take a class rather than be the teacher for a change!

We made a little flower. It got a little wrinkled on the way home.

Well ... I only got part of my flower done in class. There are two more pieces to add. You can see them drawn in on the photo below of the back side.

If you aren't familiar with back basting you can google it. I probably won't use it for everything, but it is really nice for leaves and stems. No matter how careful I am some of my leaves always end up too far away from the stem. Both of these leaves turned out perfect!

When I arrived for my class I had a surprise gift waiting for me.

Inside was three yards of this fabric.

I have had my eye on this fabric for a couple of weeks but hadn't bought any yet. Two friends went in together and bought this for me as a thank you for running the scrap group and not charging for the class. Thank you so much Debbie and Maria! As you know, I love it.

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West Michigan Quilter said...

What thoughtful friends you have, love that fabric. Do you know what you are going to do with it?