Monday, August 24, 2015

Art Group

My art group met last week. We played with paints on paper. These are the five I did.

The next steps for these will be to pick an area from one, enlarge it and make a pattern that can be turned into an art quilt. We've played with this idea before but only one of us actually got to the completed quilt stage with it. We'll see how far I get this time.

Two of the ladies in my art group took my Trendy Tote class recently (the clothesline totes). They both brought their completed bags with them but I only got pictures of one. Linda, I need photos of yours.

This is Peg's. She dyed the clothesline beforehand. 

It was Peg who dyed the clothesline for my purple tote. Click here to go to the post where I showed it (the last two photos in that post).

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West Michigan Quilter said...

I'm eager to see your art quilt. Love that green bag. You must be a great teacher for your students to turn out such stunning bags!