Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Mystery Quilt Report by Spooky

My momma makes nice quilts. I'm the quilt tester. This is me.

I like to get in and on all sorts of things. My momma made me a great basket to sleep in. I know she has shown it to you but I like this picture so I'm going to show you again.

My momma is making a mystery quilt with her scrap group. It is very pretty but I'm sworn to secrecy and can't show you the whole front yet. 

I take my quilt testing job very seriously. I had to test this one while she was quilting it. For some reason this upsets my momma but this time she just let me sleep and sewed on something else instead.

Then I had to test it during the binding process. My momma was gone buying people food so it was a good opportunity to do another test. 

Now it is finished. My momma has washed it and put it in her sewing room closet so I can't nap on it any more. She tells me it doesn't need testing any more. Don't tell her, but sometimes I pull open that door and do a few more tests on the things she has put away.

Like I said, this is a mystery quilt my momma's scrap group is doing. I can't show you the front yet but the back looks nice too.

My momma will take the quilt to her scrap group in a couple of weeks and then I can show you the front. 

Now she is working on another quilt. It is just in pieces right now so it doesn't need testing yet. I'm ready though as soon as the top gets put together.


Gene Black said...

Spooky, Momma needs to put a latch on that door to the sewing room!

Marlene said...

You are doing a fantastic job Spooky. I hope your mom rewards you with special treats.