Monday, November 2, 2015

Charming Tote Bag

I am in gift mode at the moment. Over the weekend I completed this tote bag for a niece who likes bright, rainbow colors.

I used the Charming Hand Bag tutorial but did not cut my charm squares down to 4.5". This meant I had to adjust the measurements a bit. I boxed the corners at 2.5" down from the corners and used half of the width of fabric for the handle lengths. My two bag halves were 18.5" square which I think is a better tote bag size. I didn't put a magnetic closure in the top, but I did put a pocket inside.

My next gift project is to finish up my ornaments for this year. I hope to have some of them done this week so I can get them in the mail soon. One of my nieces has a birthday in about two weeks. I like to send Christmas gifts and ornaments with her birthday gift so I don't have to send two boxes to her family before the end of the year.

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West Michigan Quilter said...

Cute bag. I love making bags and think they are wonderful gifts. Thanks for the link.