Monday, November 30, 2015

Gift Sewing and AQC Update

I made a few gifts over the holiday. The first is this set of clothesline bowls.

The bases are 5" in diameter and they are about 2" tall.

I may fill them with something like cookies or candy if time allows, or not.

In new store news, the office/kitchen is framed and the classroom design wall is in place.

The line of two by fours on the floor represents the edge of the classroom (toward the windows). There will be low shelving along this line dividing the store and classroom.

The part of the wall that is just framed out will have slat board on it for displaying notions or patterns or something.


West Michigan Quilter said...

Great gifts. Some people are going to be thrilled. Your shop is coming along! Looking great!

Mama Pea said...

So exciting with the shop! I am just a little green with envy, but I am so happy for you!

Love the bowls, of course!