Wednesday, December 22, 2021

New Oven Mitts

 I have needed new oven mitts at my house for some time. When I saw this pattern that comes with a silicon shell I ordered the pattern (which comes with one silicon overlay) and a single silicon overlay (with no pattern) so that I could make a set.

oven mitts
The bowl fabric is showing through the silicon overlay. The silicon is clear which makes it hard to photograph. The silicon has a raised pattern on it to help with gripping stuff.

When they first arrived a few weeks ago I opened up the pattern and started to read but there were too many words for me to sift through on that day. So I set them aside. Last weekend I had a little time and wanted to sew something for myself so I pulled it out again. I realized that there really aren't that many words, the pattern writer has included several tips for various ways to sew these up. Once I figured out what the actual directions were and what were the tips, I realized that these are really easy to make! And the tips and photographs/diagrams were very helpful!

You do sew through the silicon. The cuff at the bottom is attached directly to the silicon, but my little Bernina didn't have any trouble sewing through the silicon. The silicon is always sandwiched between fabric so it didn't stick to the machine bed at all.

The only negative for these is that they are a little long (go down your arm quite a ways). For me this isn't a problem because I have thin, stick arms, but my husband couldn't get them on all the way because his forearms are bigger than mine. However, there are other sizes of these as well as potholders/trivet. I have ordered the other styles and will make them up to see if they have a more universal fit before committing to purchasing several for my shop.

My hope is that these will stay cleaner for me in my kitchen. They are machine washable and dryer safe but the pattern writer recommends just spot washing them in the kitchen sink. The silicon should be very easy to spot clean.

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