Thursday, July 28, 2011

Quilting in Quiet

My boys were gone the first part of this week - left Monday afternoon and returned Wednesday afternoon. As soon as they left I started on a UFO project. I'll show you my progress tomorrow as part of my UFO Bust Report.

I also worked on my wonky cross quilt I started at my last guild retreat. I decided to try an all over swirl. It's looking good!

I pieced the back using the aqua and white solid with a single stripe of one of the fabrics from the front.

I've got another print from the front I will use for the binding.

I've tried this all over swirl pattern before but could never seem to get a good, even fill of the surface. I'm not sure why I had trouble with this before, but I don't seem to be having any trouble now!

Well ... I'm not having trouble with the swirls, but I am having problems. Shortly after I paused to take the last photo, my machine started making a weird noise. I tried everything I knew to do, but nothing helped. So yesterday I had to drive it 175 miles (one way) to drop it off at the repair shop in Colorado Springs. Ugh! Luckily, the repair shop is a very nice quilt store, Ruth's Stitchery. However, I didn't buy anything from them. I'll shop there when I go back to pick up my machine after they fix it.

On the way home I stopped at another quilt store, Stitcher's Garden in Pueblo, CO. It is also a very nice shop. I got a pattern and some fabric and A MID-ARM QUILTING MACHINE. I'm so excited!!! I've been shopping around for a while and found one I like that I can afford and will fit in my small sewing room. It's a Handiquilter Sweet 16. It will be here next week. Unfortunately, we are having out of town company next week so I won't get to play with it as soon as it arrives. But our guests aren't staying that long and then I'll get to play, play, play until the semester begins and I have to go back to work.


West Michigan Quilter said...

So sorry about your machine! Love your quilt. Your quilting is fantastic. I've always wanted to try that design but have been afraid to because I figured I couldn't get an even fill. You are doing a great job on yours!

Barb said...

Nothing is worse than machine problems...hope they are resolved. Love the quilt you are working on.

Laurie said...

so excited for your newest purchase! (and a little jealous too!) your swirls look great :)


Jackie said...

The quilt is beautiful.. may I ask, I don't see any pins, how is it held together for quilting?

Mama Pea said...

I am so excited about your new purchase. I totally love the quilting on this quilt! It is amazing to look at the unquilted part and quilted part next to each other. It's amazing how the quilting adds to the quilt. You are honestly one of my quilting role models!

Deborah said...

Wonderful quilt and quilting!! I love wonky squares and those swirls are awesome.
Sorry about your machine, but how great you are getting a long arm!!