Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Two quick things this morning.

First, I have the last 14 stars cut out for my Oh My Stars quilt. They are matched up and ready for sewing.

Second, I finished the Cuddle Blocks quilt I showed you on Friday.

In the photo it is folded in half so I can show the backing. It is 5 blocks by 6 blocks in size (45" by 54"). The Cowboy print and the backing print are both Cuddle fabrics, the blue and red are flannel. It is definitely a very cuddly quilt!

I quilted this one in the ditch and used the quilt in the ditch walking foot. Wow! I love that thing!

Can you see that guide in front of the needle? You just keep that guide in the ditch and the needle follows stitching perfectly in the ditch. Below is a side view.

This is the first time I have used this foot with my walking foot and it won't be the last. The only complaint I have is that it isn't easy to change the feet out on the Bernina walking foot. It requires a screw driver and it's a little fiddly to hold the foot in place while tightening the screw. However, I was able to sew faster because I wasn't worried about being careful to stay in the ditch. With the guide in front I could easily see the ditch and that I was in it.


Linda said...

What a cute quilt!!!! Yep, walking feet are awesome for SID!!! So much easier than on a LA!!

Mama Pea said...

Great job, Lynn! You'll have those stars finished in no time. Love your quilt! So cute! I bet that foot is amazing. It looks like it. I wonder if my machine has one.