Tuesday, January 25, 2022

2022 2nd Saturday Sampler BOM

 My scrappy version of the 2nd Saturday Sampler Block of the Month is finished!

2022 2nd Saturday Sampler BOM Quilt
Quilt finishes at 78" by 90"

The first set of patterns for this quilt will be sent out on the second Saturday in March, March 12, 2022. Anyone can participate because the patterns are being sent via email. The cost is $25, plus tax. If you want to play along with us you can sign up through my shop website, Alamosa Quilt Company. The last set of patterns will be sent out on the second Saturday in September so you will have plenty of time to get it finished in time to gift it for Christmas, should you decide to give yours away.

Here is a direct link to the 2022 2nd Saturday Sampler BOM.

I, of course, altered the original pattern slightly. Below is a photo of the original quilt.

2022 2nd Sat Sampler BOM version 2

If you decide to participate you will have the option to make it just like the original, shown above, or like mine, first photo at the top of this post. Some ideas for the blank areas if you decide to make it just like the original pattern is to put some machine or hand embroidery on those blocks, do some beautiful quilting in those areas, or add some hand or machine applique to those areas. I will be providing instructions for the pieced bonus block I used in mine if you decide to do it like mine. If you want to do something else in those areas then you are on your own for embroidery, applique or quilting patterns for the blank blocks.

More details can be found by following this link: 2022 2nd Saturday Sampler BOM If you decide to sign up then you will receive a Welcome Email with more details and yardage requirements a few days after you sign up. It's not an automatic email so you have to wait for me to personally send it to you. 

There is no fabric kit included in the price. Most of my customers prefer to use what they already have, but if you want a kit I can do that for you. The price is only for the patterns and club registration. 

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