Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Laser Cut Kits

 Before Christmas I ordered a few laser cut kits for my shop, but held them back until recently when we had time to make samples. I started with just two styles: Gone Quilting and Happy Camper.

Gone Quilting

Above is Gone Quilting. This one finishes at 48" by 30". The kit includes all of the applique pieces that have been laser cut with fusible already on the back, instructions, and a full size pattern for placement or if you want to make another one you can trace the pieces onto fusible yourself and cut them out the old fashioned way.

Below is Happy Camper in the Coral Canyon color way. I am currently out of the Coral Canyon color way but do have the other two in stock. Click the link to view the other two color ways. 

Happy Camper

This one finishes at about 18" by 30". For the Gone Quilting we just fused the pieces in place on the background and quilted it. The applique was sewn down with the quilting. For the Happy Camper we used a straight stitch or a zig zag stitch to sew all the pieces down before quilting. The quilting is just simple diagonal lines about 1" apart.

These are great as a stand alone project or use it as the center of a larger project and add pieced blocks and borders around it until it is whatever size you want it to finish.

I placed another order from this company over the weekend. I got a resupply of the Happy Camper Coral Canyon color way. And I got a few copies of each that are not kits, just the patterns. When those arrive I will put them in my online shop.

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