Friday, June 24, 2022

Customer Show and Tell

 I'm sorry I dropped off this week. I came down with COVID and was out of commission for a bit as a result. Doing much better now but still not back to work. The photos I am going to share with you today I took before I got sick. I have been stuck at home since June 12th so these were taken before then.

Nancy C's And Beyond Quilt

The above quilt was made by Nancy C. She took the first run of Donelle McAdams' Westalee ruler quilting class called "... And Beyond!" The class is still available in reruns. Click the following link to view the class on the Sew Steady University website: ... And Beyond! Class. Full disclosure the link is an affiliate link so you if you sign up for the class through my link I will get a small financial kick back. It's a great second class for ruler quilting. I would suggest that you take at least one of their beginner classes first, either a virtual class or an in-person one. Or have at least done a little ruler quilting first. It's a nine part class with the first few being just on the piecing and the rest being on the ruler quilting.

I must confess that I don't remember who made the quilt below! Seems like a really long time since I took the photo even though it's only been about 2 weeks.

Disappearing Nine Patch quilt

It's a disappearing nine patch quilt. It is so large that I had a hard time getting a photo of the entire thing!

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Patti said...

Don't feel bad about not getting online, sure we miss you but you need to take care of yourself. We will be here waiting.