Tuesday, August 1, 2023

New Pillows

 Last week was rugs, this week it's pillows.

Two pillows

Both of these are 18" pillows. I'm working on writing up the pattern and then I plan to make up some kits using these exact fabrics and then probably some other fabric combinations.

The first one I made is the blue one at the back in the photo above.

18" pillow using Winter Solstice Fabric collection

This pillow is made from the Winter Solstice fabric collection. It has an envelope back and the outside edge is finished with binding just like you'd do for a quilt.

The front pillow shown in the first photo above is the second one I made.

18" pillow made from Holiday Flourish fabrics

This one was made using the Holiday Flourish fabric collection. It also has an envelope back but no binding. I used the pillowcase method to finish it instead of binding.

Both pillows are very simply quilted in the ditch around all pieces. Pillows are a fast, fun and inexpensive way to change up your decor! 

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