Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Another Batik Rug

 I liked my first rug so much I decided to make a couple more. For this one I started with 9 yards of fabric cut into 1" by width of fabric strips.

9 yards of fabric cut into 1" strips

Then I joined all the strips together and rolled it up into a ball. The ball is about 8" in diameter.

9 yards of 1" strips of fabric rolled into a ball

Now I'm crocheting it into a rug. I simply chain stitched until the chain is about 2" longer than the finished width of the rug I want and started single crocheting. I'll just continue to single crochet until I run out of fabric strips. It's about halfway done at this point. The first rug I made shrank by 2" in the width so I'm assuming this one will shrink about the same, but we'll see.

rug about halfway done

As you can see, for this one I opted to used more than one fabric. The more the merrier, right? I picked 6 batik fabrics in the blue/turquoise/teal color range (1 1/2 yards of each). I love how it is turning out. When I was joining the fabric strips together I just grabbed a handful of one color and added all of them, then picked another color and grabbed a handful of those strips and so on. No real plan to the color order or number of strips of each color added at a time.

You might also notice that I got a better crochet hook. The other one wasn't very comfortable in my hand so I looked around and found this one. It's much nicer to use!

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