Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cat Panel and More Recycled Tote Bags

Someone asked about the panel I used for this quilt.

I found what I had left of the panel and I suppose it is more of a cheater cloth than a panel.

The center is the black and white cat pictures that I cut apart for the above quilt. Along both sides, along the selvedge, was the cat stripe - the bottom part of the above photo. I still have both stripes from the edges and this much left over from the center in addition to 8 blocks I made for the first quilt that are left over. Wow! I had no idea I had this much left over. I should make another quilt with this stuff! Stay tuned for that project.

Yesterday afternoon I finished up the other two recycled denim tote bags.

I had to piece some denim together to get big enough pieces for the tote pattern I was using. Notice the bottom of the above bag.

I patched any holes in the jeans and used those pieces too - for character.

The binding fabric for my little button project arrived yesterday. I'm working on that today, kitten permitting.

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Mama Pea said...

Looking really good! I can't wait to see that binding. Behave, kitten! :-)