Friday, September 24, 2010

Zipper Pouch

Yesterday I successfully put in my first zipper! Yippee skippy!

I bought this kit and the pattern at the quilt show last weekend.

The kit was very nice. It came with everything I needed: a generous amount of fabric, the fusible fleece, a zipper and a spool of matching thread. The pattern, Cash and Carry by Atkinson Designs, was very easy to follow, correct and well written. It took me about an hour to complete my pouch but I anticipate being able to make more in less time now that I've done the first one. It turned out so cute!

There is a pocket on each side that holds a credit card or ID. That should give you an idea of its size. I did not take pictures of my process on this since it is a purchased pattern. I recommend the pattern if you are interested in making one. In addition to this pouch, the pattern also includes instructions for three other similar pouches.

I couldn't resist snapping of few photos of Goldie this morning. So here is your daily dose of kitten cuteness.

She is not suppose to be on my ironing table, but does it look like she cares?!


Teresa said...

ugg SUPER CUTE! The idea of trying a zipper makes me queasy

Mama Pea said...

Where there is a ray of sunshine, there goes the kitten. Very cute. I love how your bag turned out. Very cute. Like I said, I have that patter, I think (or one similar to it). I haven't made it yet because I don't have zippers laying around. You've made me itch to go zipper shopping! I've put in many a zipper, but I still get nervous about them for some reason.