Friday, September 3, 2010

Stitching Project in Progress

I have completed the initial stitching on this little project - it's fat quarter size right now. Since this photo was taken this morning I have spray basted a backing on it and have started doing a little stitching to hold all the layers together. Then I plan to embellish, embellish, and embellish some more.

Here is a detail shot so you can see some of the stitching better.

The Fall Semester has begun. Today is the end of the second week of classes. As a result, I have less sewing time so posts will probably be further apart. Soon ski season will begin and I will be a "ski widow" again on the weekends. Then my sewing time will decrease even more I fear.

Currently my sewing time is divided between sewing and playing with our new kitten. Can't resist showing you this photo of Goldie asleep with her mouse.

She plays hard, then crashes.


Mama Pea said...

Man, that is such a cute kitten! Your stitching looks great. Can't wait to see how you embellish it. School starts for me on Tues. One of the things I like about teaching here is we don't start school until after Labor Day. Awesome. Like you, I am afraid my sewing time will really decrease. Take care!

Denise in PA said...

Goldie is such sweetheart - so cute! I understand how you can resist o:) Cool project, by the way!

Deanna said...

We have a very distracting kitten, Domino, at our house, too. Makes it hard to get things done.