Monday, September 27, 2010

Mystery Project revisited

I wanted handles on my Featherweight case cover. This would have been much easier to do before assembling the bag, but, *sigh*, I really wanted handles and didn't know how I wanted to put them on until the bag was completed. So I did a little unsewing; made handles and attached them to the liner; then resewed.

The handles are a 4" strip by width of fabric. Fold the strip in half lengthwise and press; open it and press each side to the center fold; then fold in half, press and stitch. Just your basic handles really.

Although my Featherweight case is probably not original to the machine, I have still heard that it is not a good idea to carry these by the handle. Someone in my mom's guild had her handle come off as she was carrying her case, with the machine inside. It wasn't pretty folks! Now my little Velma has a beautiful fabric cover with handles so she should be safe and snug for many years to come.

And here is a photo I took over the weekend of an uneasy truce that has developed at our house between the 20 year old cat, Maggie, and our new kitten, 3 month old Goldie.

This is the first time since Goldie moved in that they have been close enough (and not fighting) for me to take a picture of both of them in one shot.


Mama Pea said...

Great photo of the cats. Too funny! I love the handles you made to the bag. I bought the magazine this weekend and realized the pattern didn't have handles. I had thought it did, originally, and I had thought the bag was so clever because you didn't have to carry by the carrying handle and you could rest your hand by carrying on the shoulder. But lo and behold, it was just a "cozy." I think your improvement is just what the doctor ordered on this project! I also like it when handles are sewn to the outside and go all the way across the bottom of the bag. Especially if it's heavy...less risk of the handles pulling out of the seam. But yours looks like it's going to work great!

Barb said...

Just love your case...nope, wouldn't be pretty to have that happen.