Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blog Crafting

You may notice a few changes to the blog. Yesterday I spent some time figuring out how to put the links of some blogs I follow along the sidebar. Maybe some of you will enjoy them too. This is kind of a weird format, blogging I mean. I've only been doing this for a short time and only have one follower who is not even a quilter, just a good friend - Hi Julie! I have no idea who actually reads this besides a couple of friends (Hi Alison!) unless you leave a comment. And yesterday I had such a nice surprise when someone whose work I enjoy and respect left me such a nice comment about my stitched crop circles. It made my day, so thank you Jude, if you are reading. If you are so inclined, check out Jude's blog - Spirit Cloth. The link is on the right hand side of my blog. I've had a similar experience a couple of other times so I assume that people are reading, at least occasionally, and maybe some of them are following anonymously, which is totally fine too.

Because I worked yesterday, I don't have any photos to show you today. I have, however, created a cross stitch pattern. I'm working on stitching it up and I'll post a photo when I'm done. It is a stocking ornament. After making those cute Navajo rug inspired stockings for last Christmas I started thinking, how hard is it to make my own patterns? Turns out, it's not that difficult. I found a freeware program called Artopik that I used and if this first one turns out half as cute as it is in my head, then I'll be doing more pattern making. As I am stitching I have thought of a couple things I would do differently next time, but I am making myself stitch this one exactly like the pattern. Instead of changing the pattern mid-stitch, I'm making notes of my ideas for next time.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lynn I see you have found a few other quilting podcast websites that I like. I hope you're enjoying them. You do a really good job at posting regularly and your crop circles have an interesting slant.

Artopik is something I am not familiar with. Is it an online freeware program? Can you type up the link in a future post? Darla

Lynn said...

Darla, I will definitely put up a link to Artopik soon. It is a downloadable freeware program. My 7 year old is designing his own patterns too so that gives you some indication as to how easy it is to use.