Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pajama Day

Yesterday was Pajama Day at Parker's school. They never had fun days like this when I was in school!! Parker took his Teddy for show and tell. I had to drive him to school because his morning bus is pretty full and I didn't think there would be room for Teddy on the bus. The afternoon bus is not as full so he rode it home. Notice his friend Jamie right behind carrying Parker's coat. (Jamie comes over every Friday after school.) Parker is only just recently taller than Teddy. I couldn't quickly find the adorable picture of Parker "reading" to Teddy when he was one year old. It will have to be for another post.

Before school Parker asked me when he got Teddy and who gave it to him. An old boyfriend gave Teddy to me and I kept him because I thought that someday my child would enjoy him. I'm so glad I did. I glossed over the boyfriend part for Parker but told him that Teddy was waiting for him when we got home from the hospital. So Parker didn't "get" Teddy, Teddy "got" him. He seemed to like that.

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