Thursday, September 22, 2011

Easy Jelly Roll Block

I saw this the other day on Caroll's blog, Attic Window Quilt Shop. You should click over and see her version because it is very cute!

You start with some 2 1/2" strips. These are from my stash.

Pick a couple and sew them into a strip set. I used four strips, but three or five or whatever will work.

Measure the width of your strip set. Mine measured 8 1/2" so I cut 8 1/2" squares from my strip set. You need two squares to make the blocks. I didn't take a picture of my cut squares because I was so excited to sew them together! Now go over to this short video by Missouri Quilt Company to see how to sew your squares to make the blocks. It's like magic. The video is only about four and a half minutes. Trust me - this is four and half minutes well spent! I'll wait for you to go watch then come back and see my blocks.

Welcome back! I made one set of blocks last night and played with them.

block 1

block 2

block 3

block 4

Isn't this cool! Each of my blocks measures 5 5/8" (unfinished) so when I sew four together I will get a 10 3/4" unfinished block (or 10 1/4" finished). I think I like block 1 best so I made another one this morning. Here is what two blocks look like.

I've got the rest of my strips ironed and sorted. Guess what I'm going to do today!

I think this would make an awesome charity quilt. You don't have to use a purchased roll of 2 1/2" strips. Just cut 2 1/2" strips from yardage in your stash. Or do a 2 1/2" strip exchange in your guild or bee or with friends.


Gill said...

This looks great fun!
Thank you!

West Michigan Quilter said...

I love your fabrics and the way your blocks turned out. I wish I had had more contrast in my fabrics so that the "square" would have shown more distinctively. Thanks for the link!

Deborah said...

I love this!!! Thanks for the link!

Carolyn said...

I saw this tutorial also and loved the pattern. I cant wait to do this myself.

pcflamingo said...

I like it a lot! I will have to make some of those!

Jackie said...

This is totally fantastic!!! Thank you soo much!

Barbara Anne said...

Love your blocks and fabrics!

This is similar to Hidden Wells by Mary Ellen Hopkins but her strips are cut in varying widths (none larger than 2 1/2" or smaller than 1"; good contrast between neighboring fabrics).


Mama Pea said...

Lynn, it's so awesome! I was going to coordinate a charity drive on my blog here, soon, and I think I might use this for it! How fun! Thanks for sharing. LOVE the fabrics you are using!

Linda said...

Yes, I saw it on Caroll's blog. LOVE it in the batiks. So rich and pretty in those jewel tones!!

Sharon M said...

Very cool. I'm going to go dig in my stash right now! Love it in the batiks.

Anonymous said...

I like to make a 12"x 12" block. Do I have to cut my strips at 12"? Thank you.