Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I got a bit carried away over the weekend and did more than I needed to for the Little Forest Quilt Along. The assignment was to cut out all my trees and sew together half of them. I cut them all out and then sewed them all together!

They are so cute I couldn't help myself. Plus the boy was gone both afternoons over the weekend and I couldn't let that opportunity go by. I might not get to sew next weekend. One never knows.

These are the templates I used to make the trees without a seam down the middle.

I bought this template set in San Diego 10 years ago. It makes the "tree top unit" in two sizes, 3" finished squares and 4" finished squares. It took me 8 years to actually use them! Once I did I couldn't believe I had waited so long. These are easy to use and make accurate units.

For inquiring minds: my tree tops are 4" square and my trees 4" by 6", both measurements are finished sizes.

I added a few more trees to my original design to get it the size I want. When planning I was thinking that my trees would finish at 6" square, but this is not the case. No worries. I just added more trees to either end of my original design. If you don't remember what my original design was, go here for a refresher.

I'd also like to thank everyone for entering my giveaways last week. You can still enter the last one. I won't pick a winner until Friday. Go here to enter. I usually respond to every comment left on my blog, but I have been overwhelmed by the volume of comments I have gotten and am still getting on those posts. Don't get me wrong, I love getting them and I have read every one. However, it just is not humanly possible for me to personally respond to every comment left on the giveaway posts. I sure have enjoyed picking a winner and making someone's day though! It is as much fun as winning myself, just in a different way.


jlk said...

I love your trees! Your forest will be so colorful :)

West Michigan Quilter said...

Love your forest! It is so bright and colorful. Beats all green anytime!

Barb said...

oh wow...I love it!!!!!

Deborah said...

I love trees and your squares are so cute!
Congrats to the winner!

Jessica said...

The trees are so cute! I can understand why you got carried away :)

Jen said...

Super cute trees! I love how colorful and modern they are!

scarlett said...

Great progress! And great colors! I haven't started sewing yet. I'm doing seams down the middle, and I'm guessing I'm going to be quite jealous of you about 10 min into it ;)

I got the package today that I won in your first give away and blogged about it. Come see: http://modernscarlett.blogspot.com/

Thanks again. I love it!

Linda said...

Over achiever is right...look at all those trees!! Good for you!!! It's good to get carried away sometimes. :-) I think your trees looks really good without the seam down the middle. Using QID templates...genius!!

Mama Pea said...

Looks really great. I love your adaptation! I may have to get some of those templates. I have my top put together, but I have not had a minute to get my next assignment posted yet! Argh!