Friday, May 28, 2010

Gift Bag

Here's a gift bag that I made for birthdays at our house. I make these bags to put gifts in to (1) use up fabric I know I won't use for something else and (2) because I find wrapping presents to be so wasteful. A waste of time and materials. I spend time wrapping the gift and it takes about 2 seconds for the recipient to tear off the paper. I spent money on the paper and tape and ribbon which then all goes in the trash and later to the landfill.

So I've started making these bags for my family to use. They are pretty easy to make and can be made in many different sizes. I am thinking about writing up the pattern and offering it free on my blog. I need to figure out how to have these things stay on the sidebar. A project for another day.

My mom and dad are here for the weekend. They arrived on Tuesday evening. Yesterday was Parker's birthday. He had his party last Saturday but we didn't give him any of his gifts from family until yesterday. So we had a small gift opening party. He got to pick where we went to dinner and he chose Chili's - mainly because it is one of the few restaurants in town where they sing to you on your birthday. My little extrovert! The whole dinner he was so worried that they would forget to come sing to him. He was just beaming when they did. So cute!

So I'm going to take blog break for a few days while my folks are here. My dad has built me a small deer resistant herb garden (stay tuned for photos soon) along with some other not so glamorous jobs - fixed a toilet and changed two light fixtures. Yay Dad!

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Stephanie in Michigan said...

Lynn, the gift bag is fantastic! I love that idea, because I agree with you on what a waste of time and money wrapping gifts is. An added bonus is that it would make gift wrapping so much easier for kids to wrap presents for their parents, etc. I love it and would love to see the pattern you write. That's a really cute story about your son. I could see my daughter doing the same thing! Have a great weekend with your parents!