Friday, May 7, 2010

Playing with Lines and Stitches 3, in progress

Somebody stop me! I just keep getting more ideas for these little "lines and stitches" pieces. I've been really busy with work this week, but have managed to find a little time to work on this.

I'm planning to applique some of the woven fabric over the top of the stitched wool when I finish the stitching. I have not yet decided exactly where or how I will applique some of this fabric, but it will go onto the stitched background in some way.

I have also started a sampler of stitches. As I have been working on these pieces I keep getting more stitching ideas. Drawing them just doesn't capture the essence of the stitches for me, so I've begun a sampler piece. I cut a 6" by length of my wool piece and am just stitching up samples as they occur to me. The 6" width is wide enough for me to get the idea of how the stitch looks, but short enough that it doesn't take very long to do the stitching. Here's what I've got so far.


Stephanie in Michigan said...

Lynn, I love that wool! It will make a great addition to your piece. I also love that you are working in a series of these. How much fun is that? I wanna be like you! I always wanted to do a series, and I love your idea of the stitch sampler. I can never make myself sit down and do this stuff. I always want to "get something done!" Way to go on doing it!

Sandy said...

I'm really enjoying following the progress of your thoughts on this. Looking forward to seeing how it evolves!