Monday, May 3, 2010

Last Science Saturday for a while

Saturday was the last Science Saturday for a while. It was just a "play day." There was no planned activity but they had several things out for the kids to play with. The marble run is always fun. There was also a microscope with slides to look at, robots to play with and program, remote control cars, a spinning stool, magnets and they got out the rocket launcher and took the kids outside for a while. However, Parker's favorite was a remote control helicopter. The director of Science Saturday said, "well, he can try it, but nobody has been able to actually fly the thing."

Parker didn't have any trouble. He got it to take off from the table and was landing it on the yellow landing zone.

He even got it to fly up to the ceiling.

He was so proud to be able to do something that the grown-ups couldn't do.


Melissa ;-) said...

My son loved activities like that! We have the National Inventors Hall of Fame in town and we went there several times a year. It is so fun to watch little minds explore all these things. Makes you remember what it was like to feel that true AWE!

Stephanie in Michigan said...

He is such a cutie! My daughter has one of those helicopters and we've not been successful in flying it yet either. Can you guys come for a visit and teach us?!