Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Playing with Lines and Stitches 2

I finished up my second "playing with lines and stitches" piece recently. I liked the pinkish red binding better than the charcoal, so I changed the binding on the first piece.

I did not have enough of this pinkish red fabric to bind both pieces, but my LQS had some pomegranate Kona solid that is pretty close. Click here to see it with the charcoal binding.

On a personal note, today is a special day. Parker came home from school and said, "Mom, do you notice anything different about me?"

He lost a tooth at school today. This is only the third tooth he has lost and he'll be 8 in a few weeks. Many of his friends have already lost all of their baby teeth. He feels a bit self-conscience that he hasn't lost many teeth yet. So this is a big deal at our house. I'm trying to decide if we should go out to eat tonight to celebrate or if I should just fix what I have planned for dinner. I've already got the tooth fairy pillowcase on his bed.

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Stephanie in Michigan said...

Awww---too cute about Parker. My daughter is 5 and all the kids in her kindergarten class are 6 already. So, they're losing teeth left and right. She feels pretty left out that she hasn't lost any teeth yet. Every day she tells me she has a loose tooth or that she lost one. It's pretty funny...and kind of sad! Did you find a good pattern for the tooth fairy pillow or pillow case pattern somewhere? I haven't been able to find one I like.

I love what you did with your second experiment. And you are right, the pink border is better than the charcoal. I didn't mind the charcoal, but this is much brighter and really pulls that pink circle and stitching out. Nicely done!