Monday, May 17, 2010

Cub Scout Top Done

I've got the top done for the Cub Scout quilt. Parker seems very happy with it. I'm taking a break today from this project to get a few other things done. I have my tote bag for the swap about half done. I am planning to finish it today and get it in the mail tomorrow. I swung by the post office this morning to pick up two Priority Mailers. I'll print out the postage from home.

My art group is meeting tomorrow so I have piles of fabric out in preparation for our project. I need to cut some strips but I have my sketch done of what I plan to make.

I have also done party shopping for Parker's birthday party this Saturday in addition to the other regular weekly shopping. My Safeway is rearranging and cleaning the shelves so I wasn't able to get everything on my list. Half of the produce section was empty as was half of the dairy aisle. I didn't want to discourage cleanliness and I was able to get everything we needed, so I'll just go back later in the week for the other stuff.


Barb said...

That border just makes that quilt!!

Melissa ;-) said...

The quilt looks great! And I know what you mean about the grocery store. It even frustrates me when they have cartons everywhere and are stocking the shelves (though don't ask me how I think they'd otherwise keep the shelves full!).

Stephanie in Michigan said...

It is turning out great! Your border is just the ticket!