Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Aquisitions

Yesterday was the first day my classes met for Spring semester. So I am going back to not trying to post on Wednesdays, unless I feel I have time. With it being the first day of class, I did not have time yesterday! It was a good mail day though yesterday. Connecting Threads was having their books 40%. Here is what I bought.

First is Elizabeth Hartman's book. I have been quilting for 16 years but I still learned a new trick out of the basics section in the front of the book! I just love her fabric choices and her quilt backs. I bought it mostly for inspiration.

The next book I got is by Tonya Ricucci. I have been following Tonya's blog for a while and have been anxiously awaiting this book. If foresee some words in some of my upcoming work.

I also got a couple of sketchbooks. I just couldn't resist! They were half price and so cute.

The back of each of mine are green, like the spine. These are 6" by 9" and have 96 blank pages and 64 graph pages, ideal for sketching quilt designs.

Then I needed a little more to get free shipping. You know how it is. I bought myself another needle threader.

I absolutely love these threaders! I have one that I keep with my binding sewing supplies. This one will go with my hand quilting supplies.


Barb said...

What fun goodies you have...enjoy!!!

Mama Pea said...

I love those threaders, too. I was thinking I need to get a second one so one's in my handsewing basket and the other's in my sewing room! Love Elizabeth's book (as you know). Your other books and sketchbooks look fun, too! Great for your new sketchbook goals/practice!

Deanna said...

I keep hearing good things about "practical patchwork." I may just have to break down and do something about it. Thanks for the reviews.