Monday, August 25, 2014

Mom's Yellow Brick Road, Part 2

I originally posted about this project on August 12th. If you are interested, click here to read that very brief post. I said in that post that I hoped to get it basted that week. It didn't happen. I got it ironed and laid out on my basting tables on Thursday, August 21st. Then it got "catted."

For those of you who need a translation, this look says, "You need to go do something else because I am not going to willing get off this quilt!" I have learned to pick my battles carefully. Miss Spooky won this one. I didn't get it basted until later that evening after she had her nap and willing moved.

I'm happy to report that it is now quilted and ready to be mailed back to my mom.

I didn't do fancy quilting, just an all-over meander. I love the backing fabric she chose!

In other news, Friday was somebody's first day in 7th grade.

He grudgingly allowed me to snap a few photos before he left for school. He is almost as tall as me now!


West Michigan Quilter said...

LOL You gotta love cats! Love your quilt. It looks so nice all quilted. Gotta love kids too. He's so cute but he looks a little upset with you. ;-)

Mama Pea said...

He is growing up! We have a little black cat now, too. :-) Blackie is her name. She is a shrimp!