Monday, August 4, 2014

Moving Slow

The only time I was able to sew last week was at work. Below is why.

This is a photo of my husband's right foot. He had toe surgery on Tuesday morning. This involved two trips to Salida, CO (about a 3.5 hour round trip) last week, one being an overnight since we had to be at the hospital for his surgery at 6:30 am.

He is not allowed to put any weight on the foot for two weeks. He does a lot to help out around the house and he hasn't been able to do anything. Thus I have not had any free time to sew. And things don't look promising for me getting to sew very much for the next two weeks. So if I'm not posting very much, this is why - I don't have anything to show!

I do however have something to show you today. I finished the second of three embroidery panels for my Over the River and Through the Woods quilt.

The bottom one is the one I just finished. I got worried about where I had put the first one so I did some looking. Luckily it was right where I thought it was. Now they are together. I did a lot of work on this in the car on our recent trip. I've started on the third panel which is not as involved as either of these. Hopefully I will be able to finish it up quickly. Embroidery is a great work project since I can stitch a little in between helping customers.

Lastly, check out this huge dragonfly.

This guy was about 4 inches long! He was taking a nap on my son's bike. At first we thought he was dead since he didn't respond to our shaking the bike. We poked him gently with a stick and he took off.


Sandy H said...

Sorry to hear about your DH's surgery--here's hoping it did what it needs to do and he gives it appropriate time to heal! I also hope you're able to find quiet corners of time to get your hands on fabric, even if you're not making the progress on projects that you'd like. Life happens. I'll be thinking of you!

West Michigan Quilter said...

So sorry to hear about your husband's surgery. I hope he isn't like some men when they are sick... At least you are getting some hand stitching done. Love that pattern. That dragon fly looks huge! Yikes!

Mama Pea said...

What happened to your hubby's foot? So sorry to hear about that. HOpe he's doing okay. I saw in a more recent post that he is able to bear weight now. That's good. I love your embroidery. I have a half-started one of those (a different one, but similar). I'm not sure where all the parts are to it. LOL.