Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sketchbook Page, 2

The other day Diana Trout did a video for the sketchbook challenge blog about a doodle game. The link will take you to the blog entry with the video. The basic idea is that you draw a continuous line over the page and then go back and fill in the areas created by the continuous line. I had some time to kill on Friday afternoon while one of my students took an exam so I brought my sketchbook with me and did the exercise.

I only filled in some of the areas, the ones that spoke to me at the time. It was actually a pretty fun little exercise! Next time I will try to create a few more areas that "will speak to me" than I did the first time. Another thing I have been doing as a warm up exercise I learned from a class I took at Quilt University taught by Lily Kerns. The class was titled Playing with Lines and Shapes. She had us draw in little boxes.

I have found this to be a very helpful exercise for working out a design. You can draw the image over and over, keeping what you like from previous versions and trying out new ideas. The boxes are small. There are 25 on a standard 8.5" by 11" sheet of paper. If you draw something you like, you can scan it and enlarge it then print it out if you don't want to try redrawing it larger.

Most of the images on this page I drew while watching the Secret of the Kells. It was recommended to me by Netflix. It is animated movie targeted at kids my sons age. I did not really like the movie at all, but for me, the art work was inspiring. So I watched the whole thing and paused the movie at various points to draw things of interest to me in one of the little boxes.

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Mama Pea said...

Very, very cool, Lynn. I don't always have time to hop over to the Sketchbook Challenge page when I see their FB posts, so I appreciate you keeping me informed. I'll check this one out.I also love your drawings from the Kells. Nice idea. I love Celtic stuff, so that would inspire me, too. I like the SMALL boxes...they don't feel as intimidating as the entire blank page. Great idea.

I played in my sketchbook last night and am sewing on our challenge today. I am having a lot of fun with it!