Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mystery Quilt Ready to be Quilted!

Above is a photo of my pieced back for my king size mystery quilt. It's so big that I can't really get a good picture of it! I've got to do a little stay-stitching around the edges at the seams, then it is off to my long arm quilter. I already have the binding made so I will be ready to just sew it on when it gets back from being quilted.

Parker and I tried a new recipe this week. He saw this on the container of Kraft Parmesan Cheese. It's called Easy Baked Parmesan Meatballs. I substituted dried basil for the parsley, because I like basil better and I didn't have any fresh or dried parsley. This recipe meets or exceeds all of my requirements: (1) I/we like it, (2) it is easy to make, and (3) makes enough for more than one meal. You could easily make up a couple batches of these and freeze them, either before or after cooking, to have on hand for a quick dinner, another plus in my book. We got 14 meatballs out of one recipe and Parker enjoyed making them. He had a bit of trouble mixing the ingredients together well without slopping raw meat on the counter, but with practice he will get the hang of it. I served these with angel hair pasta and Prego sauce, salad and bread.

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Stephanie said...

Looks good! It's always exciting to send a quilt off to the quilter. Good for you to already have the binding made. I need to get into that habit. Thanks for the recipe tip!